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3 students from STEM & ROOT Academy become 2022 USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) Semi-finalists!

​4 students receive National Awards (Honorable Mention Certificate / Certificate of Merit) for 2022 USA Biology Olympiad (USABO)!

We are excited to announce that 3 students of our academy qualify to take the USABO Semi-final and 4 students receive Honorable Mention Certificate / Certificate of Merit. Congratulations!

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We are hosting free online seminar for parents of middle and high school students to share professional and useful information about the USABO (USA Biology Olympiad) which can enhance your child's competitiveness in prestigious college admissions.

<5 Tips for the USABO (USA Biology Olympiad) Challenge>

1. What is the USABO? 2. Why should you challenge it? (Benefits of challenging) 3. How much should you prepare? (Sample roadmap through analysis of successful cases) 4. What should you prepare? (Areas of examination) 5. How should you study? (Analysis of recent exam trends and efficient study methods)

*Date: Monday, 4/18/2022

*Time: 6:30 PM (PT) / 9:30 PM (ET)

*How to apply

If you fill out the application form above, we will send you a Zoom link the day before the webinar. (Please enter it in your calendar, and be sure to check your email spam folder! If you haven't received it, please contact us by phone (562-201-2288) or email (

We often meet students who have potential and talent in mathematics and science but lack appropriate information on when and how to prepare for math and science competitions, or who start too late and do not achieve their desired results. As experts in the American Mathematics and Science Olympiads, we want to share accumulated information and advice with parents to help maximize their children's potential and not miss the golden time. This is a parent-targeted webinar and will be conducted in Korean. For inquiries, please contact us by phone (562-201-2288) or email ( Thank you.

<Bio Olympiad(USABO) 도전을 위한 5 Tips>

1. USABO란? 도전시 이점은?

2. 나는 도전하는게 좋을까?

3. 얼마나 준비해야 할까? (성공 사례 분석을 통한 Sample Roadmap)

4. 무엇을 준비해야 하나? (출제 Topics)

5. 어떻게 공부해야 할까? (추천 교재 및 효율적인 학습방법)

* 날짜 : 4/18/2022 월요일

* 시간 : 저녁 6시 30분(서부 시간) / 9시 30분(동부 시간)

추후 Zoom Link를 보내드립니다.

문의사항은 전화(562-201-2288)로 연락주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

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AMC : Limited Spots Available!

USABO : Full (Contact us for the waitlist!)

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